Image based on "emptiness" by The daily post

I suddenly woke up in this infinite hall

Feeling uneasy I lean on the wall

I hear voices echoing in my head

Crying and screaming looking for help

I suddenly feel the connections inside

Feeling of fear and loneliness reside

Standing tall even if my legs are shaking

I try to follow the voice that I’m hearing

I walk and then run to fast as I could

Then stop to catch my breath and look

The voice is louder but there’s still no trace

It’s like I’m running in circles in this infinite hallways

I shout trying to convince him his not alone

That I’m a friend that could help him in his situation

Then he appeared right beside the corner where I’m standing

Looking at me as if I’m the one who’s crying

Unexpectedly tears fall into my eyes

It’s actually me who’s crying all the time

This is the hallways where I hide

When my mother and father died




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