“The saddest th…

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.”

In every situation we can only trust ourselves and God. Many people will always choose to save themselves when problems occur. They wouldn’t be beside you to help you because most of them are selfish. We act base on our selfish reason, think only for the consequence that will happen to us. It’s sad to know that the person you consider us your friends and family will be the one to left you and full you down.

We cannot blame them from choosing their actions. In their own mind they are only doing what is right for them even though they hurt and step on someone on the process.

We have the power to choose what to stand up for and fight for what is right for all. Cause having to defend someone else without the intention of getting something in return rather than saving your own butt and betray your friends and family will be the greatest thing you can give.

Always remember when people betray you they have their reasons maybe it’s a selfish reason but try to understand them. Because we have our own reason to live, to fight and to help.


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