Buried Inside

The feeling is always inside

But its buried where the fear reside

Cause every time the feeling get strong

The place I hid it makes it feel wrong


I feel different in the way you treat me

But I know you do the same for everybody

So this feeling is concealed in the darkness

Because it cannot take the damage like before


This feeling is worthless compare to your greatness

Since the last time it was broken it was never been whole

The only thing left to do is to set it free

Like the air we breathe it will go with the wind


Since in few days you will be away

Let me learn to forget this emotion

I know it won’t be easy from the start

But it’s the safest thing to do for this feeling


Before I let go of this feeling

Let me tell you these words “I feel for you”

Though you don’t see it in my actions

The feeling still real, sorry cause it’s hidden




Love Sucks

We love for different reasons and express it in different ways. Most of the time we are happy feeling in love but there are times when…

…love sucks.

…you and you’re friend loves the same person…

…love sucks

…your best friend is in a relationship and then you realize that you secretly love him/her…

…love sucks.

…you have all the good qualities for a perfect partner and yet your still not the one…

…love sucks.

…you have mutual understanding and still ending up as a friend…

…love sucks.

…he/she makes you feel special not knowing that he/she is just being nice…

…love sucks.

…you choose to remain friends that’s when love sucks.

Finally when you choose to fight for love against all of this odds that’s when…

love create magics.


Insan! Happy Birthday, 23 kana ilang taon na from now tatanda ka na uli hahaha. Este magpapakasal kana (kasal talaga agad). Dito na kita binate sa fb para hindi mo agad mabasa at isipin mong nakalimutan ko (para masaya). Well I know na busy ka naman today at masaya ka ayie. Kaya hindi na ko nageffort tumawag o magtxt. Dito na lang sa internet yung globe tattoo kasi ang my load. Kaylan nga ba ako nageffort ng birthday mo meron ba? Hahaha meron one time kaso pinilit mo lang ako mageffort nun (yung nagbigay ako ng bulaklak pang patay whahaha).

Ang punot dulo talaga ng mensaheng ito ay para batiin ka sa iyong kaarawan at ipa alala sayo na andito lang ako if you ever need me para asarin ka :p. Happy BirthdayImage

“The saddest th…

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.”

In every situation we can only trust ourselves and God. Many people will always choose to save themselves when problems occur. They wouldn’t be beside you to help you because most of them are selfish. We act base on our selfish reason, think only for the consequence that will happen to us. It’s sad to know that the person you consider us your friends and family will be the one to left you and full you down.

We cannot blame them from choosing their actions. In their own mind they are only doing what is right for them even though they hurt and step on someone on the process.

We have the power to choose what to stand up for and fight for what is right for all. Cause having to defend someone else without the intention of getting something in return rather than saving your own butt and betray your friends and family will be the greatest thing you can give.

Always remember when people betray you they have their reasons maybe it’s a selfish reason but try to understand them. Because we have our own reason to live, to fight and to help.