Buried Inside

The feeling is always inside

But its buried where the fear reside

Cause every time the feeling get strong

The place I hid it makes it feel wrong


I feel different in the way you treat me

But I know you do the same for everybody

So this feeling is concealed in the darkness

Because it cannot take the damage like before


This feeling is worthless compare to your greatness

Since the last time it was broken it was never been whole

The only thing left to do is to set it free

Like the air we breathe it will go with the wind


Since in few days you will be away

Let me learn to forget this emotion

I know it won’t be easy from the start

But it’s the safest thing to do for this feeling


Before I let go of this feeling

Let me tell you these words “I feel for you”

Though you don’t see it in my actions

The feeling still real, sorry cause it’s hidden