I miss the droplets of rain
That soothes this mind at ease
Those moments I feel safe
When everything is peaceful

How I wish it could rain
Every time I felt this pain
The cold that numbs these wounds
For a moment things will be soft

The silence that you’ve made
Inflicts wounds inside
Slowly it takes away hope
That ends the will to fight

This coward heart is no exemption
To have his own expectation
Learning to fight for his heartbeat
Should be his first priority

Hiding in the rain is foolish
The could consume the heartbeats
Now bleed for the right person
Fight for the right reason



Covered with the finest fabric

They hide their filthy soul

Spoken words of concern

To lure you in their selfish world


Leech that robs your will

To feed their own ego

You’ll never know what they stole

Until the moment they live you


Fangs Hidden in their jaws

Claws concealed in their pwas

They’ll bite and stab you in the back

Unguarded and you will be wounded


They hide their identity as friends

So be cautious no to trust

Because this monsters lurks even in the light

Waiting for the right pray to catch

The Portal of Beginning

I started as white as snow

Dreaming to be useful to fulfill other dreams

To be the bridge that connect to the ray of light

But that’s before I entered the portal

Entering the portal will be the beginning

As you walk near it eyes will be staring

Questions will appear like they care for the future

But the real thing is they only care for their own nature

In the first battles I have tried to fulfill my reasons

But day by day I’m slowly fading

I’m becoming the monster that question my reasons

I’m starting to doubt my own purpose

I know in time I will be gone

Like a chalk that will be dust

I will be worthless and be blown

Before it happens I’ll try to fight this battle

and serve my purpose of being the chalk that touch your life