I miss the droplets of rain
That soothes this mind at ease
Those moments I feel safe
When everything is peaceful

How I wish it could rain
Every time I felt this pain
The cold that numbs these wounds
For a moment things will be soft

The silence that you’ve made
Inflicts wounds inside
Slowly it takes away hope
That ends the will to fight

This coward heart is no exemption
To have his own expectation
Learning to fight for his heartbeat
Should be his first priority

Hiding in the rain is foolish
The could consume the heartbeats
Now bleed for the right person
Fight for the right reason



Covered with the finest fabric

They hide their filthy soul

Spoken words of concern

To lure you in their selfish world


Leech that robs your will

To feed their own ego

You’ll never know what they stole

Until the moment they live you


Fangs Hidden in their jaws

Claws concealed in their pwas

They’ll bite and stab you in the back

Unguarded and you will be wounded


They hide their identity as friends

So be cautious no to trust

Because this monsters lurks even in the light

Waiting for the right pray to catch

Melting Point

Concealed in the deepest place

Where everything is covered in ice

The hearts that waits for the heat

That will melt it and make it beat

Slowly I feel it pound

Every time you enter my mind

The ice around it slowly cracks

The time the mind and heart collide

Suddenly this frozen heart shatters

Because you’ve told me you’re in a relationship

That moment I want to tell you how I’ve felt

But It’s too late, everything is broken again

Then you laugh on my response

That’s when I realize it’s only a joke

Gradually the pieces became whole again

And the time the ice melts, it will be ready for you


I wish we were children

To be able to laugh freely

Be our selves completely

Be happy with all the simple things


Let all our worries fly

Cause we want to have fun

Fights leads for better friendship

Only forgiveness, not revenge


Play and care for everybody

No walls to build for safety

Only fortress to battle for unity

No defeats only victories


As the time pass society change us

We learn to build castle to hide the truth

Walls made of anger, sadness and fear

Weapons of loneliness for defense


The way to the throne is full of trial

You have to left your own castle unguarded

Inside the throne is a child version of the person

A treasure made of trust, faith and hope


At the last-minute I’ve waited

For your message to be completed

Because I know you would never forgetJpeg

That special day I’ve been created

I don’t wish anything at all

Just to be remembered for sure

Two words message would make my day

But all I get is silence in the air

The day passes without any whisper

Life goes on realizing you’re gone

It felt like losing a twin sister

Left alone with the memories

I didn’t bother to remind you

You’re already late it doesn’t matter anymore

Yes I’m unfair having this timeline

This is the truth I wish you knew

I never taught this day would come

In the end of the day I know it’s my fault

Always remember I’m thankful for everything

Maybe this is how it ends

Buried Inside

The feeling is always inside

But its buried where the fear reside

Cause every time the feeling get strong

The place I hid it makes it feel wrong


I feel different in the way you treat me

But I know you do the same for everybody

So this feeling is concealed in the darkness

Because it cannot take the damage like before


This feeling is worthless compare to your greatness

Since the last time it was broken it was never been whole

The only thing left to do is to set it free

Like the air we breathe it will go with the wind


Since in few days you will be away

Let me learn to forget this emotion

I know it won’t be easy from the start

But it’s the safest thing to do for this feeling


Before I let go of this feeling

Let me tell you these words “I feel for you”

Though you don’t see it in my actions

The feeling still real, sorry cause it’s hidden



Decoding Myself


You can hear my laughter when I’m happy

You can feel my pain when I’m hurt

You can see my rage when I’m angry

You can feel the sorrow when I’m lonely


This emotions feed up my mind and soul

The way that I express it, only few people know

Looks can be deceiving as other folks say

But to hid it is my nature because you’ll never realize my way


You can only saw it if you read it

You can only read it if you felt it

You can only felt it if you heard it

You can only do this by visiting my blog


To be true to every word I write is my intention

Showing who I really ‘am without hesitation

It’s my way of expressing my other personality

A way to escape the harsh reality